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I don't have many fics on this livejournal, but I like to make you think I'm organized, so... (in grey my ramblings)


  • Hold my hand, Oneshot. Canon-compliant, pre-debut. "Seungyoon and Taehyun have a date, but a problem arises when Seungyoon get recognized by his fans".

  • A piece of art. Chaptered. AU, Angst. "Kang Seungyoon is a painter. He starts to work on a portrait of a guy he once dreamed. He's obsessed to the point of wishing he was real." + AFF

  • Miscellanea, A collection of drabbles/oneshots, from canon-compliant to AU, with different genres and warnings.

  • Fade to black, Chaptered (+ Taehyun's snippet), R. AU, Angst. "Seungyoon falls in love with Taehyun at first sight. He tries his best to catch Taehyun's attention". (it's tagged R for some contents that might be triggering)

  • Under the sign of the cat. Double-shot. University AU, Namcat. The second part is NC17. "Seungyoon doesn't believe in love at first sight, but he has a similar experience for a guy with beautiful cat eyes and very long scratches all over his limbs. He decides he'll go and talk to him the next time he sees him."

  • Incomplete, Chaptered. NC-17. Angst, Hybrid AU, Namcat. "Taehyun has been prepared for this day his whole life: the day he will be sold to his new owner and start his life as his sexual companion."

  • It's easier to run. One-shot, R. "Seungyoon and Taehyun are both looking for a change in their lives. One wants to put past himself his old line of work and the other is trying to break free from his past as a child star. A movie brings them together."


  • Eventually, Drabble. Canon-compliant, Study of character. "Mino looks at Seunghoon till he really sees him".

  • Where did you sleep last night, Drabble. Canon-compliant, post SMTM4, Study of character. "What I think of Mino is that he’s like a puppy. A puppy I’ve raised since a long time ago. When the master finishes his work and goes home, he’d be welcoming him by wagging his tail. But even if a stranger comes in too, that puppy would be wagging his tail. He’s a big-hearted person."


  • When I find myself in times of trouble, Drabble. Canon-compliant, Study of character. "Seunghoon hurts and Jinwoo heals".

  • When winter ends, Oneshot. R. AU, Angst. "Seunghoon is a drug dealer. He meets Jinwoo through his work and isn’t able to turn him his back, no matter how Jinwoo doesn’t want his help." (the fic is about some topics that could be triggering)


  • Of skirts and stockings, Oneshot. NC-17. Cross-dressing, Canon-compliant. "Mino can’t stop thinking about Kim Jinwoo and his butt wrapped in a black skirt."


  • The time we were together, Oneshot. R. Superpower AU, Angst. "Mino and Seungyoon fall in love with each other. Everything goes smoothly until Seungyoon foresees something bad is going to happen."

  • Blue roses in December, Oneshot. NC-17. Mafia AU, Angst. "When Mino's brother-in-law dies, Mino ends up buying flowers for his funeral at Seungyoon's shop. Since that encounter, things change for Mino."

  • Lazy cuddles, One shot. NC-17. Fluffy, PWP, Canon-compliant. "Mino tastes of minty toothpaste and sleep and home – the perfect combo that makes Seungyoon melt by his side."

  • Nothing Is Gonna Take You from My Side, series. Childhood friends AU, (light) Angst. "Mino and Seungyoon are friends since they can remember and move out to Seoul together when high school ends. Seungyoon came out to Mino in tenth grade."

  • Of homesickness and other longings. NC-17.Fluff, PWP, ABO. "Seungyoon comes back home to Mino".


  • By your side, Oneshot. NC-17. Canon-compliant, Angst. "Seunghoon is always there when Seungyoon feels too raw and broken."

  • The reflection of your love, Oneshot, PG-13. Harry Potter AU. "Seungyoon and Seunghoon had been friends since their first year in Hogwarts, but something has changed lately and Seungyoon doesn't understand why he's always so angry when he sees Seunghoon and his girlfriend."


  • The fall, Drabble, PG-13. EXIT teaser AU, Angst. "Taehyun's music is the soundtrack of Jinwoo’s life".


  • All good things come in threes, NC-17. Canon-compliant, PWP, Threesome. "Mino likes Seungyoon, Taehyun likes Seungyoon, Mino and Taehyun are partners in crime to bring Seungyoon to their bed. Naked."


  • Estemporànea, Drabble. Canon-compliant, Study of character. "Seungyoon finds strength in his members."

(set in Sungkyunkwan, Joseon era)

New paper under his fingertips, starkly white and ready to become land for planting new ideas, like seeds of ink and thoughts that will grow stroke after stroke. The erratic rhythm of the brush, now unhurried now prompt, reproducing the flow of his mind as it bleeds out, in a pleasure that encloses both melancholic longing and sheer satisfaction. Those seeds becoming young trees, each day a little ticker, a little taller, just like his mind broadens and toughens.

New books to read, hanja characters filling each column from top to bottom, from right to left, each word carrying its specific meaning and a whole world behind. The giddy feeling of learning something new, the notions sinking in slowly, almost tenderly, like the gentlest but steadiest of dances, like sediments settling down in the riverbed until the river itself changes.

Clean clothes twice a month, comfortable against his skin. The dinner he’ll share with the other disciples after a long day of studies. The almost virginal burning colour the sky will turn into for sunset, and the frigid pale hue of sunrise. The praises of his teachers, which he must carry within himself without turning them in a reason to boast. Confucio’s words, known by heart.

Song Minho’s laughter, muffled against his shoulder while his arm is wrapped behind his back. The glint in his eyes every time he slides a new erotic novel on Seungyoon’s lap, too mischievous to be innocent, too open to anger Seungyoon for real. Song Minho turning those pages full of sketches just because Seungyoon refuses, whispering lewd scenarios in the shell of his ear, as an act of defiance.

(Seungyoon has thoughts he shouldn’t have, then, such a vivid imagination and a desire that could only be called morbid – something he doesn’t speak at loud and keeps for himself, like the heaviest of weights)

Song Minho’s wordplays, inked on tiny scraps of paper that Seungyoon could hide inside his palm. Some are even too hard for him, and it’s satisfying to solve them and let the victory sink within. His poems, which can differ from time to time, from descriptions of places that evoke pictures in the readers’ mind to more intimate candid pieces coming from his heart. And also, all those suggestive yet ridiculous writings that only Seungyoon can read without calling him out.

There are many things Seungyoon cherishes.

(Minho’s hand brushing his one, both hidden by the large sleeves of their robes. His fingers intertwining with Seungyoon’s, at first gentle but then clawing to his skin, as if he won’t let it go unless he’s forced. Just like the way Minho is, at first friendly like any other good young man Seungyoon has met, but then clinging onto him in the most sincere and passionate of ways, without any fear of being too obvious.

Minho’s mouth pressed against his own, when all the lights are put out and every tiny whisper resounds in the stillness of the night. The eagerness of his lips sealed around his tongue, the pleasurable pain of his teeth digging in his bottom lip. His frame against Seungyoon, strong yet soft under his touch. His skin, just as hot as the blood that makes Seungyoon alive.

Minho’s promises that no matter what will happen to them one day, following the right path of being their fathers’ sons and settling down for the role life will give them, this sentiment won’t stop to live. Hidden by large clothes, in the palm of his hand, inked on his skin just like the poems he once wrote.

Seungyoon’s wish to believe it will be like that. That this feeling will rightfully be just as many others, his resource of strength when everything else seems lost)

where did you sleep last night
pink yoon
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Of skirts and stockings
pink yoon
This was originally for Winnerexchange and you can find it here.

: Mino/Jinwoo
Rating: M
Warnings: kinda kinky
Summary: Mino can’t stop thinking about Kim Jinwoo and his butt wrapped in a black skirt.

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Masterpost: A piece of art
pink yoon
Title: A piece of art.
Pairing: Seungyoon/Taehyun
Rating: PG
Genre: AU, Romance, Angst.
Summary: Kang Seungyoon is a painter. He starts to work on a portrait of a guy he once dreamed. He's obsessed to the point of wishing he was real.
N/A: inspired by Est Em and her Tableau Numero 20 (here).

Under the sign of the cat, II.
pink yoon
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Under the sign of the cat, II.
pink yoon
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Under the sign of the cat, A/N
pink yoon
The idea for a Namcat is way older than the first part of this story, and it's all due Ross' tweet/retweet about "imagine a Fruit Basket AU for your OTP". It was like June '14 or something like that when I wrote down the idea and decided Seungyoon would be a perfect, nerdy, first-of-the-class high school student and his life would be perfectly fine if not that his boyfriend, Nam Taehyun, turns into a cat every time they hug. So, I put it away in my fanfic notes and then, one day, Namcat had become a huge thing in the fandom because of Lee Seunghoon and so many people ere talking about it on tlist (and I got obsessed with the idea of Nam the catboy). And I found out this idea scratched on my notes. From cat to catboy is an easy jump. From high school to university and from random fluff to another genre of fluff, too.

My fic might be not the best, especially the second part could be a little messy, but it's surely full of my love for them and Namcat. I'm attached to this work a lot and I just love it to the bits. There is a lot of me in this, a lot of Kangnam too and probably another good slice of pure imagination.

Masterpost: Under the sign of the cat
Title: Under the sign of the cat
Pairing: Seungyoon/Taehyun
Rating: From PG to NC-17.
Genre: Kinda-angst. Romance. AU.
Length: Double-shot.
Summary: Seungyoon doesn't believe in love at first sight, but he has a sort of similar experience for a guy with beautiful cat eyes and very long scratches all over his limbs. He decides he'll go and talk to him the next time he sees him.
Warning: Namcat.
N/A: Inspired to Fruit Basket (x).

i. to gain a cat's trust
ii. to tame (the beast inside) your cat 1 + 2


Under the sign of the cat.
pink yoon
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